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  • Historians Pay Tribute to Hank Aaron

    by HNN Staff

    Hank Aaron, an all-time great of baseball and for many years its all-time leader in home runs, passed away at age 86 on January 22. Historians recall him as a player, an advocate for civil rights inside and outside the game, and a man who was uneasy being made into a symbol of progress against racism.

  • Historians on the Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

    Two runoff elections in Georgia will determine who represents the state in the U.S. Senate and which party controls the chamber when Joe Biden takes over as the 46th president. Historians discuss whether Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock or Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will prevail. 

  • Where do the Democrats Go from Here?

    by HNN Staff

    As the Trump administration withholds transition help and the Senate hangs in the balance, what can Democrats plan for Biden's first term? Student debt forgiveness has been an early policy idea. 

  • Was This a Coup Attempt?

    by HNN Staff

    On January 6, Trump told a rally of supporters the election had been stolen and encouraged them to go to the Capitol. A mob then stormed the building, temporarily disrupting the verification of the Electoral College vote count. Historians discuss how serious the danger to democracy was and the possible consequences. 

  • NYT Reports Trump's Leaked Tax Returns

    The report, based on Trump's leaked tax records, indicates that he routinely used business losses to avoid taxes, but also has significant mortgage debts due in the near future. 

  • Historians on the 2020 Election

    by HNN Staff

    With one week until election day, historians discuss voting lines, potential legal battles, and all things election. 

  • The "1776 Commission" Releases its Report

    The report of the 1776 commission, released on Martin Luther King Day, came in for sharp criticism from historians, not least for its treatment of racism in US history.