transgender history

  • Transgender Youth Have Doubters. They Also Have History

    by Pax Attridge

    Opponents of gender-affirming medical intervention for trans youth invoke "transtrendiness" or social influence to claim that they're protecting youth from impulsively making medical decisions based on peer pressure. To accept this belief is to ignore the historical presence of transgender youth. 

  • Doctors Who? The Radical History of DIY Transition

    by Jules Gill-Peterson

    As trans people's access to the medical system is under attack by law and political rhetoric, it may be necessary to revisit the history of trans women taking their gender transitions into their own hands. 

  • A Lost Piece of Trans History

    The recent republication of The Third Sex by the Bibliothek rosa Winkel revives lost voices from Germany’s queer past and recovers a remarkable piece of trans history.