presidential transition

  • How the Baton is Passed (Review)

    by Lindsay M. Chervinsky

    David Marchick has headed the Partnership for Public Service's Center for Presidential Transition; he is the author of a new book that presents his practical knowledge of what is needed for the transfer of power to run smoothly between one administration and the next. 

  • You Call This a Peaceful Transfer of Power?

    by Philip Gerard

    "If we watched this scene play out in Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, or Thailand, we would bemoan the failure of democracy, write about a fragile government battling rebel insurgents in its own capital, make dire predictions about how long such a government could stand."

  • George Washington Resisted the Siren Call of Absolute Power

    by Jan-Benedict Steenkamp

    George Washington is celebrated for his refusal to continue past two terms as President. But his earlier actions in refusing the leadership of a military coup against the Continental Congress in 1783 put the new nation on track to have civilian leadership under law. 

  • How the 1968 Presidential Transition Compares to Today’s

    by Marc Selverstone

    Taped recordings from the Lyndon Johnson White House reveal the conflict between LBJ and Richard Nixon over the degree to which a president-elect could expect to influence policy before being inaugurated. 

  • We Dare Not Repeat the Mistakes of 9/11

    by Jennifer Rubin

    The Washington Post columnist argues that the delayed transition to the George W. Bush presidency in 2000 and 2001 limited the nation's preparedness for a terrorist attack.