• Comparative Reflections on the Fall of Kabul

    by Ben Kiernan

    In their rush to compare the fall of Kabul to the 1975 victory of the Vietnamese communists, observers neglect the more relevant comparison between the Taliban and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. 

  • A Brief History of the Taliban

    Historian Robert Crews joins Here and Now to discuss the Islamist movement in Afghanistan and their history. 

  • Perspective on the History of the Taliban

    Wazmah Osman of Temple University discusses how the weekend's events, when the fall of Kabul seemed imminent, and explains why the Taliban's defeat was illusory.

  • Making Religious Peace in Afghanistan

    by Wayne Te Brake

    American policymakers must recognize the distinctly religious components of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, and learn from European wars of religion: the key to ending war is brokering a political agreement that protects religious diversity. 

  • On or off, peace talks with the Taliban spell disaster for Afghanistan

    by Ali A. Olomi

    With tweets on Saturday, President Trump killed secretly planned peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David. If history is any indication, the consequences of the Trump administration’s reckless attempt at an agreement and even hastier reversal will be borne out by Afghans themselves — a reality that Afghans know all too well.

  • British Library rejects Taliban trove fearing terror laws

    Academics have criticised the British government for creating a "climate of fear" after the national library declined to store the world's biggest collection of Taliban-related documents over concerns it could be prosecuted under terrorism laws.