• Amid Anti-Woke Panic, Interdisciplinary Programs Inherently Vulnerable

    by Timothy Messer-Kruse

    Because standards of academic freedom like those of the AAUP tie that freedom to expertise within recognized professional communities of scholars, those doing interdisciplinary work and working in programs like ethnic studies have less institutional protection against charges that they are engaged in politics rather than scholarship. 

  • "Woke" Indoctrination of Students is a Myth

    by Glenn C. Altschuler and David Wippman

    There is virtually no evidence that liberal professors are successfully indoctrinating students, or that they're even trying. But the myth is behind a host of measures that threaten higher education. 

  • Vincent Lloyd: What's Gone Wrong with Antiracist Politics

    The Villanova professor explains the incidents that led him to ask whether a center-right critique of antiracist rhetoric and discursive rules has some justification, and how a broader coalition against domination can be rescued from some censorious excesses.