• Honoring the Confederacy, Tennessee GOP Stands for Insurrection

    by Daniel Feller

    Amid the recent furor over the expulsion of two Black Democrats from the state House, Tennessee lawmakers made another shameful move: affirming acclaim for the Confederacy while disregarding the work of historians who have demonstrated that the CSA was founded to protect slavery and white supremacy. 

  • Will a Grassroots Movement Remake Tennessee—Again?

    by Ansley L. Quiros and Anthony C. Siracusa

    This month's events in the state capitol, culminating in the expulsion of two House members after a raucous gun control protest, recalls Nashville's role as a center in the Black Freedom movement. 

  • The Dunce Party

    by Rachel Bryan

    Tennessee's "Divisive Concepts" bill would make it virtually impossible to teach the history and culture of the state and the wider South. 

  • My Life With Maus

    by Tom Engelhardt

    Although the aftermath of the Tennessee "Maus" controversy involved a flood of donated copies sent to the local community and the book's return to the bestseller charts, the revival of book-banning sentiments bodes ill for the course of the nation. 

  • Maus in Tennessee

    by Jeet Heer

    The stated objections to Maus – profanity, nudity, filial disrespect, violence – are impossible to separate from the fact that the book is a graphic history of the Holocaust. 

  • Chattanooga Struggles to Heal the Scars of a Lynching

    by Peter Canellos

    "In a time of mistrust along racial lines, the initiative in Chattanooga is a model for other communities. It demonstrates that agreed-upon facts can be a precursor to recovery."

  • The First Casualty in the War on Critical Race Theory

    "I don’t ask the students to subscribe to any ideas. I don’t ask them to base their opinions on materials that we read. I just ask that they critically evaluate it and understand it. We evaluate claims. That’s all that we do."