• Postcard From Detroit

    by Mattie Webb

    The city of Detroit is a fitting location for an archive documenting not only American labor history but the connections between US-based unions and the antiapartheid movement in South Africa. 

  • Returning Trump's Stolen Records Won't Make America's Archives Complete

    by Karin Wulf

    While government archives, libraries and other repositories preserve a wealth of the records of the nation's past, the preservation of records is also a record of prejudice and exclusion. Historians must still work against the current to research the stories of women, the poor, and racial minorities. 

  • Confronting Slavery in the Archives at Georgetown

    by Cassandra Berman

    Jesuit records pertaining to slavery have been housed at Georgetown since 1977. Their unremarked presence highlights the important difference between presence and accessibility in the archives and the work required to document historical responsibility. 

  • Where are the Women in History?

    by Amanda B. Moniz

    Women's histories have frequently been written in the past, but in ways that are inaccessible to researchers in the present. One example is the way that women reformers were presented as exemplars of Protestant evangelical rectitude. 

  • Eve Babitz's Archive Reveals the Person Behind the Persona

    by Kevin Dettmar

    "What could the personal documents of a writer who was so public about her private world teach us about her work? How much of that persona was a performance and how much a reflection of her real anxieties and ambitions?"

  • Library of Congress will Acquire Neil Simon's Papers

    Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden expressed gratitude to Simon's widow Elaine Joyce Simon for the donation, which enhances the library's holdings in performance arts and ensures future researchers will be able to access his work. 

  • 30-Year Flatline in NARA Budget Threatens Research, Transparency

    Chronic underfunding, combined with successive administrations' disdain for transparency, means that Freedom of Information Act requests are likely to languish for years before being fulfilled. It's long overdue to fund the National Archives for the public good. 

  • Russia's Invasion is Targeting Ukraine's History Too

    by Alexandra Sukalo

    The destruction of historical archives in Ukraine is part and parcel of a long tradition of attempted cultural eradication in service of empire. 

  • Man of Smoke

    by Jason Ridler

    The task of literary biography can be made much more difficult when authors fictionalize the sparse details of their own lives.