• Can the Democrats Take Schools Out of Politics?

    by Michelle Goldberg

    Times Columnist Michelle Goldberg says that the CRT controversy is obscuring the ways that Virginia's public schools are part of a long political movement to undermine public schools that got a boost from the COVID pandemic. 

  • Violence Over Schools is Nothing New

    by Sherman Dorn

    "The history of education teaches us that violence surrounding democratic schooling is part of a recurring pattern and that we have a choice to passively accept or assertively confront violent impulses."

  • The Culture War Over Schools Is Worse Than Ever

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    The 20th century pluralist strategy to resolve the "history wars" – including examples of heroes and leaders representing progressively more social groups – is no longer able to cover over fundamental conflicts over what America is and what students should learn about the nation. 

  • Can School Discipline Be Fixed?

    by Campbell F. Scribner

    "One might reasonably ask, 'By what right do schools punish students in the first place?' Unfortunately, Americans have never really been able to answer that question."

  • Equal School Facilities Should Be Part of "Infrastructure"

    by Erika M. Kitzmiller and Akira Drake Rodriguez

    A century of discriminatory policies have "set the stage for underinvestment in public education and the wide variance in school facilities that serve White and non-White youths today."

  • How Schools Reinvigorated the Stonewall Revolution

    Perhaps, the theory was, just by existing, Gay-Straight Alliance groups could make gay kids feel less alone, and that itself could reduce suicide risk, which was common among gay teens at the time.