• Ukraine has Never been America's War

    by Lawrence Wittner

    A historian of diplomacy and peace movements argues that efforts to blame the war on American imperialism don't stand up to scrutiny. 

  • Can Europe Run Its Own Defenses While the US Shifts to China?

    by Stephen Wertheim

    European nations can't gamble that the US will be able to support their collective defense in the coming decades, and the United States should encourage the shift spurred by the Ukraine invasion for Europe to take the lead. 

  • The Mythical War Scare of 1983

    by Simon Miles

    "Nuclear weapons are not without danger, to be sure. An overinflation of the risk of Able Archer should not be necessary to remind policymakers of that point."

  • Trump's Removal of Troops from Germany Follows a Trend

    by Michael Creswell

    While Trump's decision to halve the contingent of US troops in Germany has drawn bipartisan condemnation, critics should recognize that whether the decision is wise or foolish for today's context, it is in line with decades of efforts to shift the burdens of collective security onto NATO allies.