• The Rise and Fall of "Girls Gone Wild"

    Joe Francis's media empire of exploitation was inescapable in the culture of the early 2000s. Here's how he ran afoul of the law and cultural disapproval of sexism—though that's not necessarily how he remembers it. 

  • "Misogynoir" Exemplified in the Degradation of Black Women Athletes

    by Donald Earl Collins

    The treatment of basketball star Brittney Griner by Russian authorities (and the indifference to her case by many Americans) shows that Black women athletes still have to navigate a world of racism and sexism that diminishes their achievements and their security. 

  • How Long Until We Hear "Madam President"?

    by Lindsay M. Chervinsky

    In the early republic, the perception of ambition was a negative for a political candidate, especially for president. That norm mostly survives today in its application to women candidates. 

  • Ukraine Beyond the Post-Soviet Frame

    by Ileana Nachescu

    Framing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an extension of grievances that festered during the Soviet era ignores the drastic changes wrought in Eastern Europe by neoliberal capitalism, racism, sexism, migration and patriarchal religion, and sustains an impoverished view of what peace and freedom in Ukraine can be.

  • What Does it Mean to Call Someone a "Male Chauvinist Pig"?

    by Julie Willett

    Merging the term "chauvinism" from the old left and the radical 1960s desire to render authority grotesque, the term emerged with the second wave of feminism. But today some of the sexists labeled with it appear to have turned it into a badge of honor. 

  • California Ski Resort to Change Racist, Sexist Name

    "In modern usage, the word "squaw" is considered to be "offensive, derogatory, racist, and misogynistic," the resort, formerly known as Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, said as it explained its reasoning."

  • The Solution to the Craft Beer Industry’s Sexism and Diversity Problems

    by Allyson P. Brantley

    Absent robust enforcement of sex discrimination prohibitions by the EEOC (which frequently dismissed women brewery workers' complaints), consumer boycotts alongside union actions forced major brewers to change their practices. Will similar strategies help fight sexism in today's craft brewing world?

  • The Dehumanizing Logic of All the ‘Happy Ending’ Jokes

    by Anne Anlin Cheng

    "The figure of the eroticized-yet-degraded Asian woman can be readily found in movies and onstage. One of the most visibly racist, sexist, and inhuman tropes to emerge out of Western imperial history, this woman nonetheless hardly registers in the public consciousness as someone who has suffered discrimination.

  • Racism, Sexism Must be Considered in Atlanta Case, Experts Say

    Historian Ellen Wu explains that the particular racial and sexual stereotyping of Asian American women derives from the history of immigration, moral panics over prostitution, and the involvement of the United States military in a series of wars against Asian people. 

  • The Skinny on Teaching Evals and Bias

    A metastudy of bias in student evaluations of college teachers shows that conformity to dominant gender roles is a condition for receiving good evaluations; students both favor profs with masculine traits and punish women for not performing femininity.