Donald Trump

  • How Will Trump Try to Spin an Indictment to His Advantage?

    by Julian Zelizer

    Trump's familiarity with commanding attention—even, or particularly, negative attention—and penchant for grievances mean that being indicted in any of the cases against him would put him in a comfortable role on the campaign stage. 

  • Fox's Handling of the "Big Lie" was Cowardly, but Not Unusual

    by Kathryn J. McGarr

    News organizations' standards of objectivity have long allowed public figures and politicians to proclaim lies without pushback, leaving the public to be arbiters of truth and falsity. 

  • Trump's Apocalyptic CPAC Speech Aimed Squarely at Southern Evangelicals

    by Thomas Lecaque

    In the past, Evangelicals and other apocalypse-minded constituencies have projected their views onto Donald Trump. Now, Trump seems to be fully embracing the bit, suggesting that violence above and beyond politics will usher in the Kingdom. 

  • Face It: CPAC Was a Mussolini Moment

    by Will Bunch

    After Trump's CPAC speech promised that he'd be an instrument of retribution against his followers' enemies, it's time to stop tiptoeing around the historic parallels, writes columnist Will Bunch. 

  • Edsall: Is Trump Trapping the GOP in Conspiratorial Madness?

    Ron DeSantis can bolster his standing with the right by governing. Donald Trump, still the leader of the party, must invoke conspiracies and cartoonishly evil enemies. Historian Jeffrey Herf helps Thomas Edsall understand if there's an off-ramp. 

  • Can Republicans Rally Around DeSantis as an "Electable" Choice?

    by Robert Fleegler

    In the wake of disastrous overreach by House Republicans in impeaching Bill Clinton, the party cohered around George W. Bush as a candidate without Beltway baggage. If the party can't do the same thing in 2024, they risk being dragged down by Donald Trump. 

  • Why Do "Secret" Documents Keep Showing Up in the Wrong Places?

    by Matthew Connelly

    The near-unilateral authority of presidents to declare material secret in the name of national security is intoxicating and it's nearly impossible for the chief executive to resist abusing it, creating not a "deep state" but a "dark state" of secrecy and impunity. 

  • Lizabeth Cohen Reviews "Myth America"

    Although it was inspired by the battles over history encouraged by the Trump administration and the MAGA movement, a new book of essays on historical mythmaking actually shows that spinning the past to serve a present agenda is nothing new. For historians, the task isn't just fact-finding, but offering compelling interpretations. 

  • Kruse and Zelizer: History is a Battleground

    Is it reasonable for historians to "stick to the facts" and hope the truth will win out when political partisans are cherry-picking the past for justification of radical agendas in the present?

  • New Anthology Mistakes the Roots of the Problem as "Misinformation" Rather than Power

    by Paul M. Renfro and Matthew E. Stanley

    The new "Myth America" offers insight into some recurrent myths about history from some excellent scholars, but it hews too closely to the idea that historical lies are a Trumpian phenomenon, rather than a broader aspect of the pursuit and consolidation of power for MAGA and New Democrats alike. 

  • Pamela Nadell: US May be at High Tide of Antisemitism

    Antisemitism is less socially acceptable than in Henry Ford's day, but it's become much more acceptable since the rise of Donald Trump. Has America reached a tipping point where conspiracy theories and collective slanders of Jews are mainstreamed? Also feat. Kathleen Belew and Deborah Lipstadt.

  • Trump Keeps Boosting White Supremacists

    Post Columnist Greg Sargent discusses Trump's meeting with white supremacist Nick Fuentes as a PR coup for the far right and an affirmation that they are part of Trump's base.