• Is the Ukraine War the Start of a New Period of History?

    by David A. Bell

    The idea that the Russian invasion will be seen as a turning point by future scholars is tempting given the immediate seriousness of events. But two years ago, people were saying the same thing about the COVID pandemic. 

  • Explaining the Complexities of the Great Vibe Shift

    by Tom F. Wright

    As pundits invoke the nebulous concept of "vibes" to try to explain and predict incoherent and emotionally volatile politics, it's worth considering how the outdated (but not very old!) concept of charisma has served the same role. 

  • The Walls of Troy: Pandemic and Exclusion at an Urban University

    by Arabella Delgado

    The pandemic has clarified and underscored ways that the University of Southern California, like most private urban campuses, has long sought to maximize the separation between its campus and the surrounding community. 

  • What is the Meaning of America's Oldest July 4th Celebration?

    by Ben Railton

    Bristol, Rhode Island's patriotic festivities are the oldest Independence Day festivities in the nation, but the town's history sits at the uncomfortable intersection of independence with the slave trade and wars of extermination against Native Americans. 

  • Ending the Illusion that Smoking is a Choice

    by Sarah Milov

    Tobacco companies still promote the convenient fiction that users addicted to the nicotine in their products are making a free choice to consume them. 

  • Dangerous as the Plague: The History of Moral Panics over Queer "Seduction"

    by Samuel Huneke

    From the perspective of the post-Obergefell US, this year's politicized attacks on LGBTQ people—particularly as threats to the nation's youth—seem like a sudden reversal. But such attacks have a long and miserable history that has shadowed movements for queer freedom at every turn. 

  • Dark Money Fuels Anti-Choice Assault in State Houses

    by Julia Peck, Evan Vorpahl & Alyssa Bowen

    Dark money groups are ready to flood state legislative, judicial and attorney general races with cash and supply their allies with model legislation to take immediate advantage of the opening created by the Dobbs decision. The state-level war over abortion rights is on.