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FBI Releases File On Suspicions Raised About Kurt Cobain’s 1994 Death

The FBI quietly released its file on Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain last month on the requests for an investigation into his suicide at the age of 27.

The 10-page file, now available online in the FBI’s Freedom of Information library, called The Vault, includes two messages sent in 2006 calling on the agency to open an investigation amid suspicions that Cobain may have been murdered.

The iconic grunge rocker was found dead of a shotgun wound at his Seattle home on April 5, 1994. A a suicide note was next to his body. Local authorities determined that he killed himself.

An email and letter to the FBI in the file referred to information or attention from  the media speculating about the singer’s death. The names of the individuals who wrote the messages are redacted in the file.

“Millions of fans around the world would like to see the inconsistencies surrounding the death cleared up for once and for all,” stated the email in the file, which was first reported by Rolling Stone. “It is sad to think that an injustice of this nature can be allowed in the United States.”

A letter claimed that Cobain’s “killer is still out there and now, because of the haste of the police department, has the chance to claim other victoms.”

The FBI responded to both that such an investigation would be outside of its jurisdiction.

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