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Five great shipwrecks that came back from the deep

Queen Anne's Revenge 

Perhaps the most famous of all pirate ships began life in 1710 as a Royal Navy frigate called the Concord. Almost immediately after launch, she was captured by the French and converted into a slave ship, before being captured again by the pirate Ben Hornigold near Martinique. Hornigold put her under the command of one of his men, Edward Teach, soon to be known as Blackbeard. Just one busy year later, Blackbeard ran the ship aground off the coast of North Carolina, where it remained undisturbeduntil being rediscovered by the private research firm Intersal in 1996. Since then, many items have been salvaged, including a motley assortment of cannons, and the 1.4-tonne anchor.

Quedagh Merchant

The Mary Rose

HMS Beagle

HMS Victory

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