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History Doyens

This page features profiles of living historians over 65 years of age, who have had a profound impact on the study of history, and is meant to honor their life long dedication to the discipline. They have made vast contributions to history through their numerous groundbreaking publications, and in the university lecture halls which has resonated and influenced students of history and the general public; changing the way we all look at history. Their scholarship represents the historiographical canon in their representative fields; simply put they are legends in the historical profession.

● Eric Foner

 John Hope Franklin, 1915-2009

● William Hardy McNeill

 Paul Samuel Boyer

 Sir Martin Gilbert

● Kenneth M. Stampp

● Linda Gordon

● Anne Firor Scott

● Stephan Thernstrom

Joyce Oldham Appleby

Harold M. Hyman

 Walter T.K. Nugent

 Winthrop D. Jordan

● David Brion Davis

● Alonzo L. Hamby

● Bernard A. Weisberger

● Edmund S. Morgan

● Gordon S. Wood

Bernard Bailyn

Robert Remini