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'Honest Babe.' People Are Having a Hard Time Keeping It Together Thanks to This Chiseled Abraham Lincoln Statue

Chemistry is powerful and sometimes it hits you from a place you least expect it.

On Wednesday evening, that place was the Los Angeles Federal Building, where someone captured and shared the internet’s latest object of desire – a youthful eight-foot tall statue of Abraham Lincoln that’s been on display since 1939.

In this irresistible depiction, casual Honest Abe strikes a pose sans shirt and sans shoes, holding a book in one hand, clutching the top of his low-slung trousers in the other, emanating beams of confidence. It’s abundantly clear from his Indiana limestone and arms and granite rock hard abs that this statue is portraying a guy who worked out.

The Young Lincoln statue first made its splashy debut at the New York World’s Fair in 1939, but as one astute Twitter user who loves art history points out, it’s never too late to be reminded of its existence.

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