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Independent Lens Presents: The People Vs. Agent Orange

Through Personal Stories, Investigative Documents and Revelatory Interviews, “The People Vs. Agent Orange” Exposes the Fight to Hold the Chemical Industry Accountable for the Lasting Devastation Caused by the Toxins Associated with the Infamous Herbicide Agent Orange

Nearly 60 years following the use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War — the deadliest use of chemicals in the history of warfare — toxins associated with the war-time herbicides continue to cause illness, death and deformities in Vietnam and at home in America where the chemicals were used by the U.S. Forest Service as well as the commercial timber industry.

From filmmakers Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna, “The People vs. Agent Orange” closely follows two women activists as they take on the chemical industry and demand accountability for the devastating legacy caused by the use of this poisonous herbicide.

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