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Magna Carta is a 'Russell Brand' moment claims historian David Starkey

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The Magna Carta was medieval England's "Russell Brand moment" which didn't bring an end to the 'civil war' between the nobles and monarchy, according to David Starkey.

The controversial historian was at Runnymede for the 800th anniversary celebrations of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 in the presence of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, a situation he described as "extraordinary".

The Queen was joined by other senior royals at the special event at the site where King John accepted the historic document that limited the power of the Crown on 15th June, 1215.

"I find it extraordinary that we're dragging the poor Queen here to commemorate the second greatest humiliation in the history of the monarchy," Starkey told ITV News.

"Are we going to have her re-enact the execution of Charles I, I wonder?"

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