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New York Times Seeks Firsthand Accounts of Voting

Do you have a tip about voting problems? The New York Times is partnering with ProPublica and hundreds of other news organizations to track voting impediments and other challenges to the reliability and integrity of the election. Submit your tips here.

We’re also interested in scenes from around the country.

teenager who was celebrated for casting her very first ballot. Determined voters waiting in lines wrapping around the block to make sure their vote is counted. Armed men dressed as security guards outside a polling station in St. Petersburg, Fla. And high school students, too young to cast ballots themselves, volunteering to staff the nation’s polling sites amid the pandemic.

In this historic election, held during a pandemic and an economic crisis, the act of voting has taken on extra significance for many Americans. We want your help to tell those stories.

The article contains a form to contact the Times directly with reports about the election. 

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