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The Legacy Of Tunney Lee: Preserving The History Of Boston's Chinatown

Boston’s Chinatown lost a pillar of its community this summer. MIT professor emeritus Tunney Lee, an urban planner, architect, and historian died in July of complications from cancer.

Lee immigrated from China in 1938 at the age of seven. He spent his life shaping the growth of his Boston neighborhood, always working to preserve its history with an eye toward the future. Tunney Lee's research focused on community-based design and engagement. His Boston Chinatown Atlas, an interactive online platform, documents the history of Boston's Chinatown. Urban planners and historians say the Atlas is a one-of-a-kind project which will teach new generations about their city’s history.


Angie Liou, executive director of the Asian Community Development Corporation.

Brent D. Ryan, head of the City Design and Development Group, and associate professor of Urban Design and Public Policy in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Stephanie Fan, founding board member of the Chinese Historical Society of New England.

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