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Visit the Library of Congress's Irish-American Resources

Guide to Irish American Resources at the Library of Congress

Compiled by Mary Champagne, Mark F. Hall, Anne Toohey, and Abby Yochelson, Reference Specialists.

Since the founding of the Jamestown colony in Virginia in 1607, Irish people have immigrated to and settled in America. From politics to a nation-wide appreciation of St. Patrick’s Day, every aspect of American history and culture reveals the extensive influence of Irish Americans and the significance of their ethnic identity.

This guide introduces the wonderful primary and secondary resources on Irish American heritage available through the Library of Congress. A variety of formats can be explored including audio recordings of interviews and music, photographs, and historic newspaper articles. In addition to the freely-available online resources from the Library of Congress’s collections, selected online resources from sites outside of the Library of Congress are also listed. Additional materials such as printed books and subscription databases are available onsite at the Library of Congress and through other libraries. This selective guide is not intended to be exhaustive; see Search Tips for finding additional materials.

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