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Sep 8, 2011

Still More Noted Things

In Bryony Gordon's interview with Niall Ferguson, Telegraph, 8 September, he seems not very likeable. "The real point of me isn't that I'm good looking. It's that I'm clever" appears to be Ferguson's  takeaway line for most readers.

Francis Wheen, "Passing the Buck," Literary Review, September, reviews Charlie Campbell's Scapegoat: A History of Blaming Other People. Elizabeth Weingarten draws on Elizabeth Abbott's Mistresses: A History of the Other Woman to create a slideshow, "Ten Mistresses Who Changed History," Slate, 31 August.

Sophie Roell interviews "Steven Pincus on the English Revolution of 1688," The Browser, 6 September, for his recommendation of five essential books on the subject.

Audrey Bilger, "Just Like A Woman," LA Review of Books, 5 September, reviews Rachel M. Brownstein's Why Jane Austen? and William Deresiewicz's A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught Me about Love, Friendship, and the Things that Really Matter.

Karen Abbott, "The Life and Crimes of ‘Old Mother' Mandelbaum," Past Imperfect, 6 September, sketches the fencing queen of the Lower East Side.

Simon Schama, "The remains of that day," FT, 2 September, reflects on an appropriate memorial for 9/11. Niall Ferguson, "What If 9/11 Had Never Happened?" Newsweek, 4 September, poses a hypothetical.

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