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Oct 26, 2011

Midweek Notes

Rory Stewart, "Cool Under Fire," intelligent life, Sept/Oct, revisits Afghanistan's National Kabul Museum and its treasures.

Isaac Chotiner, "What Did It Look Like?" The Book, 25 October, reviews Ashley Jackson's and David Tomkins's Illustrating Empire: A Visual History of British Imperialism.

Jack Rakove, "The Inventor of Our Politics," The Book, 26 October, reviews Richard Brookhiser's James Madison.

Jo Guldi, "what is being occupied?" inscape, 19 October, and Matthew Battles, "Tactical Utopia," HiloBrow, 19 October, reflect on historical precedent for the Occupy movement.

James K. Gailbreath, "Dumbing Down Darwin," Washington Monthly, Nov/Dec, reviews Robert H. Frank's The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good.

Vivian Gornick, "Love and Anarchy," CHE, 23 October, is adapted from Gornick's new book, Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life.

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