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Jan 4, 2012

An Open Letter to Kevin Zeese

Over sixty years ago General Dwight Eisenhower warned us that our nations leaders had plans for us that included perpetual warfare and growing debt slavery. Since then Barack Obama and all of the Republican candidates for President except Ron Paul have tried to make this warning a reality. The corrupt and lying news media have done their best to aid in this effort. however the voters in Iowa have made their constantly repeated mantra, that Ron Paul can not be elected, ring hollow. Ron Paul has given the American people something they have lacked for for decades, a viable candidate who wants peace. But he and his supporters like myself are not going to be able to stop this useless carnage by ourselves, we need your help. As Glenn Greenwald explained in his latest article the forces arrayed against peace are very powerful and their primary tactic is keeping you and I divided. The profits of the military industrial complex and what Jesse Jackson termed the prison industrial complex must be protected. The politicians who see that as their main function and not the welfare of ordinary people will do anything and raise any issue no matter how false to preserve this system of constant warfare and debt slavery which produces enormous undeserved wealth along with great hardship. Kevin please do mot let them succeed help put Ron Paul in office because my friend I do not see any other alternative right now. Compared to one our sons or daughters lying bloody and dying in some ditch in Afghanistan what other issue really maters that much.

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