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Jan 21, 2012

There is Only One Choice Left

Every four years we are told how important the upcoming election is and how its results will have far ranging consequences. Each and every individual must participate no matter how limited the choice is or how uninformed or misinformed about that choice you are. However, this year unlike years past this talk is not just media hype there is an actual choice to be made for the first time in our lives. We can choose ever increasing financially crippling debt which is systematically destroying our children’s future, perpetual warfare which harms countless lives, but does not make any of us the least bit safer and is one of the main causes of our impending total bankruptcy by voting for Barack Obama or any of the Republican candidates except Ron Paul. Or we can vote for someone who has demonstrated his belief in freedom, which already has vastly improved the lives of millions of people all over the world throughout history, many times before in both words and actions, Of course the Democrat and Republican parties and their handmaidens in the media will do everything and anything they can to stop Ron Paul from being elected because he represents the one thing they fear the most, change and the diminishment of their own personal power as a result. In 2008 the people wanted and voted for real change but the establishment and propagandists did not fear or oppose Barack Obama because unlike many of the rest of us they were not fooled by his lies. Yes he was able to produce good sounding rhetoric but nothing of any substance changed when he took power. The most racist policy since chattel slavery ever devised by government, drug prohibition, is still in effect and being pursued by Barack Obama with renewed vigor. Last summer the Republicans allowed Obama to borrow another 4,2 trillion dollars and as I write this he is preparing grab yet another 1.2 trillion more so the burden on our children will continue to astronomically increase, while Obama pretends to be a man of peace we are still engaged in various wars all over the globe ,and Obama, perhaps not so much with words but certainly with deeds, is encouraging a new one with Iran. The political classes  decisions against their own interests still continues unabated. If you provide a good or service that has real value and their devotion to the military industrial complex did not change with the election of Barack Obama. The micro managing of peoples’ lives forcing them through the use of government coercion to make badle are willing to pay for it voluntarily with your own money then Barack Obama considers you an enemy of mankind. However, if you are able to manipulate government into employing its monopoly on the use of force into stealing for you no matter if you get anything of value in return or how much it is unfair and disrupts your life then to Barack Obama you are a hero. We must put Rom Paul in office because the country really needs effective change because the other Republicans do not offer that option.

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