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Mar 3, 2012

Military History Carnival #30

Welcome to the March 3, 2012 edition of the military history carnival. This is the 30th edition of the military history carnival, something of a minor landmark. Once again, we have a good range of submissions this Carnival, ranging from the ancient to the modern.


Lafayette C. Curtis presents Borobudur reliefs as a source for military history(?) posted at An Armchair General's Diary.

Early Modern

AsianMil presents Some pictures of the old fortifications on the South Head of Sydney Harbour posted at Go to stage 3, saying, "Although the title of the post mentions pictures, there is actually a lot of information about the development of defenses on the southern side of Sydney."

Jonathan Beard sends Reporting the Revolution: Original Newspaper Coverage From America’s War of Independence | Rag Linen | Online Museum of Historic Newspapers

19th Century

Christopher Petersen presents Through a Glass Darkly...: Chancellor Otto Von Bismark's Voice posted at Through a Glass Darkly....

Jonathan Beard nominates Q&A: 'Honor in the Dust' Author on U.S.-Philippine History | Battleland | and Huntington Acquires Trove of Lincoln, Civil War Telegrams, Codes - and The Civil War, Part 1: the Places - in Focus - the Atlantic and Damn the Torpedoes -

World War I era

Will Pratt presents The Effects of the Great War on General E.L.M. Burns posted at Dustbin Epitaph.

Chris Gehrz presents Commemorating World War I (part 1) « The Pietist Schoolman posted at The Pietist Schoolman.

Fiona Robinson presents The Great War's Moving Picture Man posted at Ghosts of 1914.

Jonathan Beard sends Why World War I Resonates -

World War II era

John Mollison presents My artwork and interview of WW2 C-47 airman, Ken Salisbury posted at My artwork of WW2, Korean era and Vietnam combat aircraft, saying, "I interview old guys and draw their airplanes. My main website is the holder - my blog (usually accessible via a sketch or similar icon in the lower rh of the main page) is for the progress of my artwork and interviews."

David Lippman presents World War 2 Plus 55 Jonathan Beard nominates Pacific Battlefield Tourism: a Dream Island Littered With Deadly Relics - Spiegel Online - News - International and Pearl Harbor Through the Eyes of a Life Photographer - Photo Essays - Time.

Cold War

Craig Swain presents The Standard Missile Family | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid posted at Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid, saying, "Good overview of the Cold War era surface-to-air systems employed by the US Navy."

Craig Swain presents Linebacker II- Strategic Bombing for a Tactical Objective | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid posted at Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid, saying, "Fair handed overview of Operation Linebacker II, Vietnam War. The author explains the changes in tactics required to make the effort successful, at least from a military standpoint."

Jonathan Beard sends The Front Line: Why Do Koreans Love Bleak War Movies? - Slate Magazine.

Post Cold War

Jonathan Beard advances We Own the Night | Small Wars Journal.


Craig Swain presents The Reverse Slope Defense | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid posted at Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid, saying, "Excellent examination of a rather commonly used, and sometimes misunderstood military term."

Anwar presents UNESCO World Heritage Site: Rideau Canal posted at Beyond My Front Door, saying, "Discussion about the UNESCO work heritage site Rideau Canal. It began its life for military defense but has changed significantly over the years."

Jonathan Beard sends How Does War Impact the Planet? - Slate Magazine and Sun Tzu or Bismarck: Who Will Prevail in the 21st Century? | Battleland |

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the military history carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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