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Oct 3, 2012

No Debate No Real Choice in 2012

If I read one more article or hear one more pundit telling me how important the upcoming presidential election is I believe I will vomit. No matter whether we elect Barack Obama or Mitt Romney the American people will still have trillions of dollars of ever increasing national debt and they will still have to come up with billions eventually trillions of dollars  out of their own pockets to pay interest on it for which they will receive no education for their children, no health care for themselves, no increased ability to defend from real rather than media created threats, no infrastructure to help them earn a livelihood,  no advances in science, no  cleaner an environment but the government will get the privilege of borrowing even more money with which to buy our votes and the big banks will get funds from the federal reserve created sham money at 0 percent interest which they can loan to people and businesses at 20 percent interest. This system is good for politicians like Obama and Romney, the military industrial complex, the prison guards union, the thousands of government bureaucrats who feel entitled to control the minutest aspects of our lives however it is not so good for ordinary people. If the voters had to pay directly for the government’s racist cruel drug war, the deaths and maiming of our sons and daughters in endless conflict that makes America no safer, the opportunity destroying senseless regulations and the ever present corporate welfare which forces us to pay for things we do not want and keeps us from having things that we do desire and f[nd necessary rather than through the gradual and not so gradual erosion of the value our money and our ability to get the things that we do want and need it would be much more difficult for the government controlled mainstream media to convince them that the government was doing all of this to them for their own good.

The reason we are told this election is so important is not because of who wins or loses, this time, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but because the mainstream media wants us to demonstrate our acceptance of the principle that government exists to benefit us. The fact is that government really only has concern for the politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats who have control of it and the wealthy who can pay to decide who gets that control. We must remember that those in the mainstream media are not truth tellers but in fact are story tellers and the essence of any good story is conflict. Pitting Blacks against Whites, rich against poor, women against men, the users marijuana against the users of alcohol or legal pharmaceuticals no matter how harmful, environmentalists against energy producers, Muslims against Christians, those who want to live in peace against the lives of our sons and daughters is good for the media it helps them sell newspapers and boosts their viewership. This is how the government maintains control over our lives.

The mainstream media will not allow anyone to this challenge this corrupt and abhorrent system and only those, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, completely devoted to it will be allowed to speak in favor of their slightly different versions of it. Despite the fact that voters in at least 47 different states are going to go into the booth in November and have the option of choosing to vote for Gary Johnson  most will not know this because the mainstream media is intent on hiding this truth. Therefore during tonight’s non-debate there will be no discussion of the ineffectiveness, brutality and cost of our misguided war on drugs and that it will continue is a given, the suggestion that our perpetual warfare against so many of the rest of the world’s people makes us less safe while bankrupting our government will not find a voice, and the reality that our government cannot continue finance its out of control spending with money created out of thin air without causing the money that the people do have from becoming worthless will be given lip service but neither Obama nor Romney have shown any willingness to act upon this problem whatsoever.

I am not going to watch tonight’s event because I am tired of being lied to all of the time but I am going to vote. Those who argue that voting is wrong because you are giving tacit approval to the system have a point but in this instance there is a clear way to vote against the system. When I vote for Gary Johnson I will be saying no I do not approve of this kind of rule that allows politicians to decide what is in my best interest when it usually is not but rather in their best interest. A vote for Gary Johnson si not just a vote against Obama and Romney or a vote for either one of them it is a vote against their system of debt, warfare, and control over your personal life.            

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