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Dec 12, 2012

The Reason for Yet More Unexplained Public Violence, Why?

Yet another public shooting rampage has occurred, this time at an Oregon mall. The police and the news media offer no explanation for this particular incident of violence. The shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts -- who killed two and seriously wounded one other person -- has no criminal record, merely two speeding tickets earlier this year. The weapon he used, a fully legal AR-15, was a stolen from someone he knew, so no background check on him would ever have been performed. The perpetrator, wearing a Jason-style hockey mask, walked briskly through the stores in the mall and began firing randomly. Roberts and a woman were evicted from their apartment in Happy Valley, Ore., last summer; police have searched the his home in Portland, but declined to indicate what they found. The unexplained attack ended when Roberts followed the example of many of our soldiers and took his own life.

The question I have here -- but the question that our news media may not want answered, because of the millions of dollars they make from pharmaceutical advertising -- did the use of legal psychiatrist prescribed anti-depressants, as it has in so many other cases cause this violence? 

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