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Feb 5, 2013

The Danger is Government

Were the Jewish people living in Germany in 1933 being paranoid and delusional, the way many people who are concerned about Second Amendment rights are being described now, when they feared they would be killed by their own government? In this video where Walter Williams talks about the true purpose of  the Second Amendment he asks the question are we in any less of a threat of tranny from our government in Washington than we were in 1787? History is absolutely clear on this point the, answer is yes. Many people have observed time and time again that when government says it is doing something for your own good it is not telling us the truth. The 20th century state has shown itself to be the greatest killer of all time. To those, who were like those living Nazi Germany,  saying it could never happen here they need to be aware that our Justice Department has issued a memo asserting that the chief executive has the right to execute any American he or she chooses to. This document says the government is not required “to have clear evidence” that an attack against the United States will occur in the immediate future to determine that an imminent threat is posed by a U.S. citizen. We must remember that when government kills an individal it does so in the name of the general benefit, a concept whose definition is always changing and always expanding.  

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