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Jun 19, 2013

Climate Change Fear Mongering

Those who would use the natural fact that earth’s climate has been continuously changing since it existed to increase the power of government to control and steal from ordinary people gave away their game in two ways.  First they started calling global warming climate change and that highlights the point that their theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming ignores the fact that the extreme instances of climate change occurred long before mankind was releasing any significant amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For example when world temperatures changed around the year 1000 altering Greenland into a temperate agriculturally productive area, there were no gas guzzling SUVs or coal fired electricity generating plants.

Likewise around 1400 when Greenland began to revert to the frozen landscape we know today those factors which climate change zealots now claim government must prevent did not exist. That is the beauty of climate change which has been a basic fact life, whether it is getting warmer or cooler it is still mankind’s fault and government must do something about it. The second way they gave away their game was when they had the EPA declare carbon dioxide a pollutant and if that is true should it not be removed for the air? Now I am not a fancy scientist with a boatload of taxpayer money to study the problem but I do remember enough of my middle school earth science to know that that if you remove all of the carbon dioxide from the air all of the plant life will die and shortly afterward all of the animal life, including you and me.

What is Al Gore’s motivation? It is the same as that had by politicians for centuries, George Bush for example  He thinks if he can generate enough fear it will help those who think like get elected. One of his favorite tools is frightening the voters about rising sea levels and he is counting on people not to find out the truth that giving him and his kind more power will have no effect on this issue. As for Bill Maher, he can’t possibly be a misogynistic unfunny hyper partisan jerk, can he?  No, we are supposed to believe that he is a good guy trying to save the earth.        

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