Jim Loewen

James W. Loewen was a sociologist.  The New Press published paperbacks of Loewen's bestseller, Lies My Teacher Told Me, and Sundown Towns, about places that were/are all-white on purpose. 

  • Don’t Tear Down the Wrong Monuments; Don’t Attack Every Holiday

    by Jim Loewen

    When COVID concerns allow, visit the Gettysburg and Vicksburg battlefields, and come to your own conclusion about how the National Park Service is meeting its 1999 Congressional mandate "to recognize and include ... the unique role that the institution of slavery played in causing the Civil War."

  • A Renaming Everyone Can Get Behind

    by Jim Loewen

    Delaware is the only U.S. state without a name for its highest point. Naming it after Ronald Reagan would probably satisfy fans and critics alike. 

  • Tax Protesting on the Cheap

    by Jim Loewen

    Leaving certain federal taxes unpaid was a common but poorly remembered form of protest against the U.S. war in Vietnam.

  • Mennonite Values

    by Jim Loewen

    "At the end of my life, I publish these lines thinking that they may come to be meaningful to you."

  • Censorship at Amazon

    by Jim Loewen

    What happened when Jim Loewen posted a comment on a neo-Confederate pamphlet sold on Amazon.

  • Farewell to the U.S. History Textbook?

    by Jim Loewen

    Pearson is selling its K-12 division. Good riddance! Pearson lists as authors famous historians who didn't write "their" textbooks, never knew who did, and didn't even bother to read them.

  • Books, Blacks, and Bigots

    by Jim Loewen

    The baseless claim that African Americans are anti-intellectual hurts race relations, as does the assertion that "they" are stupider than "us."