2020 Election

  • Is ‘Human Identity Politics’ the Solution to Polarization?

    A new book by Ezra Klein argues that American polarization results from the collision of early humanity's tribal tendencies with a realignment of group identities over the last 50 years. Does he ignore the special role of the conservative movement in driving polarization?

  • These Young Socialists Think They Have Courage. They Don’t.

    by Mitchell Abidor

    If Mr. Trump is re-elected, many DSA members could spend the next four years suffering little more than the pangs of political outrage. But millions of less fortunate people would suffer real consequences.

  • Biden Is Planning an FDR-Size Presidency

    Biden's advisers agreed: If they were going to talk about lessons from history, their future calls might as well dive into the Great Depression and World War II.

  • Responses to an ‘Open Letter to the New New Left’

    The Nation publishes two critical responses to the recent "Open Letter to the New New Left," which criticized a perceived unwillingness by young leftists to unite around Joe Biden's candidacy to defeat Donald Trump. 

  • The Second Masked Ballot

    Donald Trump's approval rating has ticked down recently, and the economy is in dire straits. Is the incumbent in trouble?