• David Carter, a Historian of Stonewall, Is Dead at 67

    David Carter's research clarified conflicting accounts of the events of June 28, 1969 and helped ensure that the portion of Greenwich Village surrounding the Stonewall Inn would be protected by the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Remembering John Murrin

    The early American historian passed away on May 2 after contracting coronavirus.

  • A Historic Life

    Friends and colleagues of Alabama historian Sarah Wiggins echoed certain refrains time and again, among them: “She did not suffer fools gladly.”

  • A Requiem for Academics

    James Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association, noted that older academics are both the bridges and the glue of not just institutions, but all sorts of identification that people have, and can hold an institution and people together.

  • Henry F. Graff, Columbia Historian of Presidents, Dies at 98

    An author of 12 books and countless articles and a regular contributor to The New York Times Book Review, Professor Henry Graff was best known as a keen observer of the men who occupied the White House — 17 of whom presided during his lifetime.

  • In Memoriam: William Rorabaugh

    William Rorabaugh, known to his colleagues as Bill, was a popular teacher and prolific scholar whose legacy will be felt for many years to come.