Richard Nixon

  • Carolyn Woods Eisenberg on Nixon's War Deceptions

    by James Thornton Harris

    A new history of Nixon and Kissinger's Vietnam policy shows a president driven by the abstract goal of credibility instead of concrete steps to conclude the conflict, at the cost of tens of thousands of American and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese lives. 

  • There's a Precedent for Trump's Indictment: Spiro Agnew

    by Zach Messitte, Charles Holden and Jerald Podair

    Nixon's VP pioneered the right-wing politics of grievance against coastal elites and higher education familiar today. He also had a tendency to accept bribes that is familiar. But in 1973 the Republican Party was willing to cut him loose. 

  • The "Madman Theory" Was Quintessential Nixon

    by Zachary Jonathan Jacobson

    Richard Nixon's famed foreign policy ruse—encouraging adversaries to think him capable of seemingly insane decisions—had one essential component: Nixon himself, and his commitment to the tightrope-walking performance. 

  • Watergate at 50: The Consequences of Impunity

    by Barry Sussman

    The Washington Post's City Editor at the time of the Watergate breakin launches a series of posts on the ongoing legacy of the scandal. This one discusses the legacy of elite impunity that resulted from the failure to prosecute Richard Nixon.