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Caroline Yeldham: Leading Food Historian Encourages Revival of Extinct English Dishes

Eminent Food Historian Caroline Yeldham today encourages the revival of extinct English recipes using English fresh produce and calls on people to learn how to cook them. The comments come as England celebrates St. George's Day, which was declared an English feast day in the 15th Century.

Medieval cookery was the basis of modern European cuisine. However, only a dozen known original medieval recipe texts remain, of which fewer than five are in hard copy print. Only two of the UK's 193 higher education institutions offer specific courses in English Medieval history(1) and estimates suggest there are only a handful of skilled people in England who are professionally preparing English medieval food.

To reintroduce once commonplace dishes Caroline Yeldham has worked with Morrisons supermarkets to create a St. George's Day recipe booklet. Designed to celebrate medieval English cookery and English ingredients, it contains a selection of starters, main courses, sauces, sweet dishes and drinks, originally eaten by English royalty and aristocracy. The booklet is available on 23 April at checkouts throughout Morrisons stores across England, plus on the Morrisons website www.morrisons.co.uk. To offer a range of recipes which can be used throughout the year the booklet indicates when English produce is in season.

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