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Fitchburg State Professor Named to Library of Congress Task Force

Fitchburg State University Professor Katherine Rye Jewell has been appointed co-chair of the College and Community Radio Caucus of the Library of Congress Radio Preservation Task Force, a federally mandated project created to support the preservation of the nation’s audiovisual infrastructure.

Jewell, a member of the Economics, History and Political Science Department, has long explored college radio as a research subject and is currently working on a book on the topic.

“It’s very exciting,” Jewell said. “I have so much respect for the people who are doing this work. I’ve been exploring in the archives for so long, and it’s exciting to come out and discuss what I’ve found.”

Jewell, who was a college DJ herself, began exploring college radio as a research topic in 2014.

“Within political history there has been a growing interest in taking media history seriously,” she said.

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