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Highlights of the Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians: 2017

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Key Links

● Twitter @The_OAH  OAH Official Tweets

● Twitter  #OAH17 Hashtag for Tweets About the Convention (used by some: #OAH2017)

Day to Day Coverage

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Storified Tweets

● Historians in Court

Conversation with Lonnie Bunch, founder of the Smithsonian's African American history museum 

Worlds of Intellectual History

Disability History in the Mainstream

People in Black Washington DC, 1930-1960

People Doing a Lot of Tweeting

● Priscilla Martinez @prmamart

● Jonathan Wilson @jnthnwwlsn

● Jess Leach @MedievalHermit 

● Lindsay Chervinsky @lmchervinsky 

● Megan Brett @magpie

● Guy Emerson Mount @GuyEmersonMount

● Jim Grossman @JimGrossmanAHA

● Jacob Reames @jacremes

● Katrina Jagodinsky @drjagodinsky

● Marjorie Brown @Marjoriedenise