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Highlights of the Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians: 2018

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Key Links

● Twitter @The_OAH  OAH Official Tweets

● Twitter  #OAH18 Hashtag for Tweets About the Convention (used by some: #OAH2018)

Day to Day Coverage

● Day 1

Day 2  –  history prizes awarded

Day 2  –  everything else that happened

Day 3

Blogs & Tweets

Ed Ayers OAH Presidential Address:  "Everyone Our Own Historian"

● Confederate Monuments: What to Do? (Plenary)

● Don’t Blame Us... Again: Historical Perspectives on the Democratic Party and the Rise of Trump

● Why Puerto Rico Matters to Historians of the United States

● Bridging Race, Ideology, and Strategy: Coalitions from the Long 1960s to the Reagan Years

● She Persisted: A New Assistant Professor Tells Her Story of Her First OAH

Historians in the Twittersphere

● Historians on "Hamilton" (The Play) Here and Here

● Constructions of Citizenship and Belonging in the Repatriation Era

● Taking Control of Capitalism in 20th-Century Chicago

Doing digital history