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Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer retiring from the Met

After a career of nearly 23 years at the Museum, most recently as the institution’s Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and principal spokesman, Harold Holzer has let us know that he plans to retire from the Met this summer to enable him to engage more fully in his work as a historian and writer. During his tenure, Harold greatly expanded and strengthened what was formerly known as the Public Information department. Its focus widened considerably to include publicity, advertising, marketing, internal communications, market research, and tourism promotion.

In 2005 Harold was given additional responsibility for Visitor Services and the Multicultural Audience Development Initiative. Another major accomplishment was his creation and leadership of the Museum’s Government Affairs department, which has become a significant factor in helping us obtain critical support from federal, state, and city officials.

Harold has ably represented the Museum on matters ranging from major acquisitions and exhibitions to historic agreements on cultural patrimony, and from record-breaking attendance figures to the inauguration of new galleries. His cool and expert handling of even the most sensitive and challenging matters, and his extraordinary range of media and governmental contacts, have been crucial assets to the Museum over nearly a quarter century.

Harold’s contributions to the Met will be as enduring as they have been wide-ranging. We will miss his quick wit, wry humor, felicitous prose, and savvy advice. For his dedication to the institution he cared about so deeply and served so well he has our profound thanks.