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Over 600 historians sign "Historians Against Trump" open letter in first week

SINCE its July 11th release, over six-hundred historians have signed Historians Against Trump’s Open Letter to the American People. HISTAT's endorsers are professors, school teachers, public historians, museum professionals, independent scholars and graduate students from forty-seven states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, who share the group's position that a Trump presidency constitutes a threat to American democracy.

Signatories include American Historical Association Past President and National Humanities Medal recipient Professor Vicki Ruiz, Professors Ellen Carol DuBoisGeoff EleyGlenda E. GilmoreMaurice IssermanValerie Ann JohnsonKevin MattsonThomas McAffeeDeborah Dash MooreClaire Potter, and historical researcher Michael Hill.

Historians Against Trump supports its partner organization Stand Together Against Trump in its peaceful and positive protests of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Members of HISTAT will be joining STAT to demonstrate in Cleveland on Thursday, July 21st at West 18th & Lorain at 1:30pm Public Square at 6pm.

During the Republican National Convention, HISTAT will provide live historical analysis of proceedings from its Twitter account (www.twitter.com/HstrnsAgstTrump), under the hashtag #HistatRNC. 

HISTAT believes that historians have a professional responsibility to share an understanding of the past that is “factual, accurate, comprehensible, meaningful, useful, and resistant to cynical manipulators who sell snake oil as historical truth.” Donald Trump’s contempt for evidence-based argumentation, historical analysis and accountability mocks the best values of the academy. HISTAT does not support any political party or candidate, but joins groups like Writers On Trump and Citizen Therapists in organizing to defend its professions' ideals.