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Princeton U. historian Imani Perry claims mistreatment in parking ticket arrest

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A Princeton University Professor said she was arrested Saturday due to a three-year-old parking ticket and mistreated by police.

Imani Perry, a professor of African American Studies at the university, said in social media postings Sunday and Monday she was stopped and arrested because she failed to pay a parking ticket, then mistreated.

"The police treated me inappropriately and disproportionately," Perry said in a lengthy Facebook post. "The fact of my blackness is not incidental to this matter."

Princeton police confirmed that Perry was arrested on Saturday. She was stopped for driving 67 mph on Mercer Street in a 45 mph zone around 9:30 a.m., Lt. John Bucchere said.

Police determined she was driving on a suspended license and a warrant had been issued for her arrest, Lt. John Bucchere said.  ...

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