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Professor Removed Then Reinstated Over Discussion on Race

Louisiana Tech University briefly removed an instructor of history from teaching over class discussions on race and other topics before reinstating him this month. The instructor, Michael Savage, did not immediately respond to an interview request. According to student and faculty accounts, Savage asked students in a course this quarter to reflect on what it’s like to wake up every day in the U.S. as someone of their respective racial group. The follow-up discussion included a discussion of colonization. A student’s parent allegedly complained to the administration about an intimidating learning environment, and Savage was removed as instructor for two sections of a world history course.

Drew McKevitt, an associate professor in Savage’s department, said on Twitter that Savage also faced a complaint from last quarter about introducing such topics as impeachment into class talks, and that this factored into his removal. McKevitt and other faculty members expressed concern about Savage’s academic freedom and due process internally and on social media last week as students petitioned for his reinstatement. Louisiana Tech said in a statement that it cannot discuss individual personnel matters but that it is "obligated to ensure that each student feels safe in the living and learning environment."

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