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Roundup Top 10!

Teaching in the Age of Me Too

by Eric S. Yellin

Eric S. Yellin was nervous about teaching a course based on a false rape accusation but found he was wrong to be so anxious -- and that the experience offered four lessons for instructors.

Graduate Worker Organizing is Scholarly Praxis

by Hannah Borenstein

For many inside and outside of academia the notion that graduate students are indeed workers is not readily clear. In large part, I came to see this as mirrored through the reproduction of academia’s lack of emphasis on scholarly praxis.

Why anti-immigration politics hurt white workers

by Inés Valdez

No, immigrants aren’t taking your job — but vilifying immigrants helps undermine worker protection.

Under Trump, the deficit has ballooned, exploding a GOP myth

by Julian Zelizer

Once again, President Trump has exposed a myth in American politics. That myth? That Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility.

Democratic candidates are finally talking about domestic terrorism. Here’s why that matters.

by Alaina E. Roberts

When Beto O’Rourke referred to the Tulsa massacre, he was correcting the record on racial violence.

Bret Stephens launches a foolish Twitter war

by David M. Perry

Being called a bedbug just isn't a big deal. Writing to a provost about the actions of an academic on Twitter, which Stephens said he did because "managers should be aware" how "their people...interact in the world," is the big deal.

Shedding light on secret laws governing presidential power

by Mary Dudziak

This system of secrecy curtails the ability of historians like me to research some of the most consequential opinions justifying executive actions.

It's time the public had a share in the past again

by Diána Vonnák

What we can learn about heritage-based urban renewal from Lviv, Ukraine.

World War II Didn’t Begin in 1939. It Began in 1936 — In Spain.

by Paul Richard Huard

Revisiting world history might be one way to break Spain’s national silence about its civil war.


The Weaponization of History

by Wilfred M. McClay

Ignorantly invoking slavery or the Holocaust is an affront to those who seriously study the past.