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The 2015 OAH Annual Meeting: Videos, News, Everything

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● OAH Executive Board approves resolution demanding that the Redskins change their name Rick Shenkman

● Organization of American Historians calls on Redskins to change name, logo Washington Post News Story 

 Historians' Petition: Washington "Redskins" Change Your Name! Rick Shenkman

● Why Historians Should Demand the Redskins Change Their Name James Loewen

● Historians bring national conference to St. Louis, seek to historicize Ferguson St. Louis Public Radio

● Claire Potter's Take on the OAH

● Who won awards and prizes at the OAH

● Tweets from the OAH


 Income Inequality in the History Profession (Official Title:  The Future of the Historical Community)

● The Church Committee at 40   

● Historicizing Ferguson: Police Violence and the Genesis of a National Movement 

Patty Limerick's Presidential Address

Interviews (Video)

● Young People Voting at Age 18? That's Not Revolutionary! Russ Henderson

●  How the Media Misrepresented Arizona's Fight over Immigrants Robert Poch 

● What Economists Are Saying Now About Slavery Jonathan Pritchett and Charles Calomiris 

● A Horrific Case of Murder that Reinforces Gay Stereotypes Lauren Gutterman

● The Rags to Riches Myth of Immigrants Hasia Diner 

● How to Get Your Op Ed Published Jonathan Zimmerman   

●  The War on Drugs Julilly Kohler-Hausmann 

 Is the Common Core a Threat to the Study of History? Johann Neem

●  The Birth of Originalism and Its Adoption by Conservatives Logan Sawyer 

 How to Get Students Interested in History Mark Carnes 

●  The View from the Inside ... The OAH's Courageous Stand Against Racism in 2000 Darlene Clark Hine