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The 2017 AHA Annual Meeting: Videos, News, Everything

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Re:  Election 2016

● What Do Historians Most Fear When Donald Trump Takes Office?

● Making Sense of the 2016 Election:  An Interview with David Greenberg

● The First 100 Days:  An Interview with Margaret O'Mara

● Donald Trump Is Most Like ... ?

● Should historians speak out against Donald Trump? Stanley Fish versus historians.

● What We Can Make of the Election of 2016:  An Interview with Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Re:  History Jobs Crisis

● What's Behind the History Jobs Crisis? An interview with Robert Townsend.

● The Overlooked Problem in the History Jobs Crisis:  An Interview with Kevin Gannon

● Are Grad Students Worried About the Job Market?

● Hope for PhDs who want to leave the profession

Jobs Crisis:  Articles

● What Happens After 9 Years as a Visiting Assistant Professor? By Mike Bowen

The Historical Profession is “abjectly terrible at talking about the academic job market.” By Mike Bowen

● “Stale Ph.Ds” and “Overqualified” Applicants By Mike Bowen

● Reflections on the Academic Job Search By William S. Cossen

Commentary:  Articles 

Historians and Trump:  The Stanley Fish Controversy By John Fea

● Another Word on the 2016 Election Plenary Sessions at the AHA in Denver By John Fea

● The Paul Harvey Fan Club By John Fea

● Hunting and Gathering: An Editor’s Life at the Annual Meeting By Nancy Toff

Middle School History Teacher Reflects on Martin Luther and the Usable Past By Zachary Cote 


● AHA Council votes not to take action on petition requesting an investigation into violations of academic freedom in Israel and the West Bank (HNN)

● Historians in the Age of Trump (Inside Higher Ed)

● What happens when super smart history buffs land in a new city and it snows? | 9news.com

How a 96 year old engineer ended up at the AHA (Hint:  He's married to a historian.)

● Professors say even introductory courses should make students think like historians

History Profession:  Relevant Articles on HNN

● Another Big Drop in History Majors: Yes, This Is Still Happening By Allen Mikaelian

● Get Rich. Major in History? By Jennifer Freilach

● Professor Watchlist Is Keeping an Eye on You! By Jennifer Freilach

● What’s Wrong with the Way We Have Been Defending the Humanities By Jeremy C. Young

● What Use Is a Degree in History? By Vaughn Bornet

● The Case for History as a Tool to Change the World By Cody Foster

● So What Are You Doing With That History Major? By Fred Johnson

Sessions Relevant to the News

● Plenary: The First Hundred Days: Priorities for a New US President (Thursday 8-9:30pm)

● Destroying History: Threats to Cultural Heritage across the Globe (Friday 10:30-12 noon)

● The Anthropocene in History (Friday 1:30-3pm)

● Presidential Address of Patrick Manning:  Inequality: Historical and Disciplinary Approaches (Friday 5:30-7pm)

● Election 2016: How Did We Get Here and What Does it Mean? (Saturday 8:30-9:30 pm)

 Perspectives on the New History of Capitalism (Sunday 11am-12:30pm)