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Tsinghua University cancels professor's Cultural Revolution history class

China's most prestigious university just canceled a history class on the Cultural Revolution, according to the professor who would have taught it. 

Tang Shaojie, a professor in the philosophy department, has taught the course in previous years at Tsinghua University in Beijing and had plans to teach it again during the fall semester. However, the university canceled the class just a matter of weeks before the semester is set to begin. 

"I was informed on July 1st that the course would be canceled, and then the news was released on July 3rd," Tang told the Global Times. 

The course first appeared in 1995, titled "The History of the Cultural Revolution," but when Tang asked to teach it in 2006, his application was ignored. He could only bring the course to Tsinghua after changing its name to "Chinese Cultural History of 1966-76" -- leaving out the "revolution" part. 

Now, he says that he can't teach about this tumultuous era in Chinese history at all. ...

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