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UCLA historian Gabriel Piterberg is out for sexual harassment

In 2017, after an extensive investigation, the UCLA Title IX Office found that Prof. Gabriel Piterberg committed sexual harassment in violation of University sexual harassment policy by making unwelcome comments of a sexual nature and unwelcome physical conduct of a sexual nature (in the form of an open mouth kiss). According to the investigation report, these comments and conduct occurred in 2008 and during the time period of 2009 to 2013. The investigation report was submitted to the appropriate Administration and Academic Senate units for further handling. At the urging of the Privilege and Tenure Committee of the Academic Senate, the Administration and Prof. Piterberg engaged in settlement negotiations. Prof. Piterberg disputes and denies the findings of the Title IX investigation report. The parties have reached a settlement, which includes separation from employment, denial of emeritus status, denial of future employment with the University of California, denial of permanent or temporary office space or support, and denial of parking privileges and campus access beyond that which is afforded to general members of the public. The Administration remains firmly committed to increasing transparency 

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