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'Utterly moved to be involved': Montgomery-born historian serves as model for Rosa Parks statue

Dr. Kimberly Brown Pellum has spent her career studying black women’s history. So, when the Montgomery native and Florida A&M University history professor was approached last summer to serve as a model for a monument to legendary civil rights activist Rosa Parks, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. 

“There really aren’t words to capture how I feel,” Brown Pellum said by phone. “I am just completely and utterly moved to be involved.” 

It all came about while Brown Pellum was working at the Rosa Parks Museum last summer with director Dr. Felicia Bell. Brown Pellum’s research explores how black women have been represented through images and beauty standards.  

So, when Bell was asked by sculptor Clydetta Fulmer and the city to keep an eye out for potential models that could mirror Parks' petite 5’3 frame, Brown Pellum, who stands at 5’4, was a natural choice.  

“Everything just fit. … All of it was like a puzzle that the stars saw fit to put together.” 

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