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WATCH LIVE ONLINE: From Silent Sam to Phnom Pehn: Monuments and Memorials in History and Myth

Out of the chaos and pain of Charlottesville, museum professionals, public historians, and community leaders must move quickly to face the challenges of competing historical memory, claims of heritage desecration and the ongoing scourge of racism. This talk will take on the tough issues that communities across America---and analogous locales overseas---must face as white supremacy, political quagmires and visions of reconciliation with the past collide. 

Click here or the link at the bottom of the page to tune in and watch this LIVE lecture online at 8 PM EST, March 13th, 2019. 

David B. Allison is Onsite Programs Manager at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and has spent his career in museums---over seventeen years---working to design and develop engaging experiences for audiences of all ages. Allison holds a Master of Arts in US History from Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis and a Master of Business Administration from Regis University in Denver. He is the author of numerous articles on museums, memory, and interpreting the past. His book, Living History: Effective Costumed Interpretation and Enactment at Museums and Historic Sites was published by Rowman & Littlefield in June 2016. He is the editor of the recently published volume, Controversial Monuments and Memorials: A Guide for Community Leaders (2018).

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