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When Black Voters Went Blue

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It’s November 3rd. Election Day! On this day in 1936, FDR won his second term for president in a landslide. But it was the first election since the Civil War in which African-American voters voted for Democrats. Jody and Niki are joined by Leah Wright Rigueur of Brandeis to discuss the shift, and how the election would preview the modern Democratic coalition, and the way in which Republicans would try to seize the Black vote back. A quick note about our next show: We’ll be recording a special show for Thursday around the question “What historical moment are you thinking of in the aftermath of the election?” Email us or tweet us with your thoughts. Find a transcript of this episode at: https://tinyurl.com/esoterichistory This Day In Esoteric Political History is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Get in touch if you have any ideas for future topics, or just want to say hello. Our website is thisdaypod.com Follow us on social @thisdaypod

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